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What's going on right now?!

What's going on:

-The Will to be Badass Contest! <- NEW!

This is why we REJECT! <- NEW

-Submission requirements! <- Good to know

-WINNERS of Back to the Primitive CONTEST! <- Cool

-Apply for Contributor! <- Check it out!

-Ninja VS Gladiators Comic! <- Epic
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Here is the… to our chat room :la:

Contests Winners!

Winner of Back to the Primitive Contest
Primitive Batman by AbelVera

Winner of Brunhilt Drawing Contest
Beer? by jaggudada

Winner of Mascot Astrid Drawing Contest
Astrid by hydriss28

Winner of Mascot Contest
Astrid - Spell Sword by RenrookART

Winner of David vs Goliath Contest
Optimus vs Tidalwave by 1Rich1

Submission requirements

Submission requirements:

• We do not accept photography, photo manipulations or 3D rendering, like G-mods for a example.
• Pictures need to be of quality. We try to be generous when judging these things, but what we look for is effort. If it looks like the person put real effort into the work, that’s usually enough.
• A key thing to remember that the group is Badass CHARACTERS! In this case, a character is an intelligent, tool user capable of manifesting some personality. Overwhelmingly, we prefer that some sort of humanoid be in the picture.
• Something has to be badass about the picture itself. If it’s not self-evident then it’s not badass enough.
What is Badass?
The state of being badass can be a little hard to define. If you’re wondering whether or not a given picture is badass, first look through our gallery. Failing that, here are some hints…
• Does it make you want to say “THAT’S TOTALLY BADASS?”
• Is it METAL? Does it look like it came striding out of a heavy metal ballad?
• Does it look like it’ll kick YOUR ass? Normally this means through physical force, but definitely isn’t limited to it?
• Is it of a picture of someone who had proven their badassery, in real life or fiction? Teddy Roosevelt and Conan the Barbarian both would be suitable.
• Does it feel epic? Does it feel gritty?
Badass is a state of mind ultimately. It’s a refusal to take shit. It’s the force of will to make opposition fall aside.

Tie between these two, Which image should be promoted to BADASS of the BADASS folder?! 

48 deviants said Conan Howard Universe - Drink'n'Draw Oct31st2012 by SpiderGuile
40 deviants said Demon Hunter-Reg by crow-god
Sup BADASS :iconbadassplz:
We’re making some changes to the group right now.  Most of these are minor and are already done.  We also have a major.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I hate it when someone changes something I love without asking me, or even telling me. That’s what this journal is going to be for.  To keeps you guys and gals in the know. It’s also a chance to ask questions, show support or bring up concerns.  Without further ado…

Removing Ninja vs Gladiator folder- This was established way back when I hoped this would be a regular thing.  However, assorted behind the scenes drama has kept this from completing, much less be a regular thing.  After much heart-searching, I decided the folder is in the way and we’re moving it into a sub folder under comics.  For some reason we are not able to move around folders because of some bug on DA.  So we will delete the folder and resubmit it.

Hulk 2099- My personal project (:iconandronicusvii:), where I do my version of the Hulk 2099 comic.  Unlike the Deadliest Warrior comic this one is coming along great, and I’m very pleased to be sharing it will you all.  A bunch of the pages were already in the group, so to add them into the folder I had to remove them, and resubmit.
So if any of you are wondering why you just got spammed with Hulk 2099, that would be why.  Sorry about that.

Those were all minor changes.  No big deal for most of you.  However, this next one is a doozy and this what needs to get talked about.

Change in submission frequency- We are (as of this writing) at 2,047 members!  It’s an awesome number, but also a responsibility.  As you might guess from our previous journal, no matter how many submissions we get, we refuse to surrender quality or endanger our focus.  The burden grows daily.  Suuxe and I split the work as best we can, but back-ups in accepting/declining keep happening.  

After discussion, Suuxe and I decided to change the number of times you can submit.  Don’t start sweating.  It’s still pretty generous.
Per week…

-3 to the folder of the “month-folders”
-2 to the “comics folder”
-1 to the “work in progress folder”

I don’t see this causing many problems.  Not many of you submit more than three a week anyway.  Add the fact that the comics and work in progress folder are under-utilized, I think everyone will benefit.  People will have to think a little harder about what they submit, but it shouldn’t unduly restrict them.

By the way, if you didn’t bother to read and comment on this journal, then don’t expect us to take you seriously if you complain about it days/weeks after this post.
More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

The Will to be Badass Contest


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