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What's going on right now?!

What's going on:

-NEW Contest! The duel! <- NEW!

-Winners of Badass and their equally badass steed Contest! ! <- Epic!

This is why we REJECT! <- Good to know

-Submission requirements! <- Good to know

-Apply for Contributor! <- Check it out!

-Ninja VS Gladiators Comic! <- Epic Comic!
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Contests Winners!

Winner of Badass and their equally badass steed Contest
[Urban Rivals] Zaria by mad-smile

Winner of Badass Eating and Drinking Contest
First, let me down this beer. by Garrettsmash

Winner of The Will to be Badass Contest
No Pain No Gain by MondoArt

Winner of Back to the Primitive Contest
Primitive Batman by AbelVera

Winner of Brunhilt Drawing Contest
Beer? by jaggudada

Winner of Mascot Astrid Drawing Contest
Astrid by hydriss28

Winner of Mascot Contest
Astrid - Spell Sword by RenrookART

Winner of David vs Goliath Contest
Optimus vs Tidalwave by 1Rich1

Submission requirements

Submission requirements:

• We do not accept photography, photo manipulations or 3D rendering, like G-mods for a example.
• Pictures need to be of quality. We try to be generous when judging these things, but what we look for is effort. If it looks like the person put real effort into the work, that’s usually enough.
• A key thing to remember that the group is Badass CHARACTERS! In this case, a character is an intelligent, tool user capable of manifesting some personality. Overwhelmingly, we prefer that some sort of humanoid be in the picture.
• Something has to be badass about the picture itself. If it’s not self-evident then it’s not badass enough.
What is Badass?
The state of being badass can be a little hard to define. If you’re wondering whether or not a given picture is badass, first look through our gallery. Failing that, here are some hints…
• Does it make you want to say “THAT’S TOTALLY BADASS?”
• Is it METAL? Does it look like it came striding out of a heavy metal ballad?
• Does it look like it’ll kick YOUR ass? Normally this means through physical force, but definitely isn’t limited to it?
• Is it of a picture of someone who had proven their badassery, in real life or fiction? Teddy Roosevelt and Conan the Barbarian both would be suitable.
• Does it feel epic? Does it feel gritty?
Badass is a state of mind ultimately. It’s a refusal to take shit. It’s the force of will to make opposition fall aside.

Gallery Folders

February-BADASS 2015
January-BADASS 2015
Previous Contests

Which image should be promoted to BADASS of the BADASS folder?! 

25 deviants said Night Elf - Death Knight by Ketka
24 deviants said Combat Opener by Rhineville
20 deviants said blood of Theramore by bayardwu
13 deviants said Mythic Meteor Storm by Rhineville
5 deviants said Snips by AdamRoush
1 deviant said None of the above
Hello artists who love Badasses! :iconbadassplz:

The two gun fighters eye each other in the main street of an Old West town, hands hovering near their guns...

Two hot-blooded Renaissance swordsmen pull steel, demanding that honor be satisfied...

A pair of martial artists battle, determined to prove which style is superior...

Knights joust for bragging rights and the favor of the ladies, shattering lance after lance...

Samurai battle while armies watch, trying to honor their daimyo by defeating enemy champions...

David faces down Goliath, armed with a sling and faith...

Dueling has taken many shapes over time, and that is just in history. Expanding it to the world of fiction, even more examples arise.

We are looking for duels in this contest! To qualify the image must contain the following qualities.
1. The main focus of the image is one on one combat between two opponents.

2. Each opponent should be clearly visible in the image. No swinging at someone off screen.

3. There should be a formal or unspoken agreement in the set up that it is one on one. Basically, there needs to be the expectation that an outsider stepping in would ruin it.

4. Battles on mounts are accepted.

5. Battles with vehicles or mecha are also accepted, on the condition that the human element be visible in both. Fighter planes are a classic element of duels, but showing only one plane while some others zip around in the background aren't what we are looking for. Same can be said of star ship captains, like Kirk vs Khan. We'd be intrigued to see this pulled off. Just bear in mind, it's much harder.

6. Both opponents should be humanoid. No "knight vs dragon duels." Please. Might do Beast Hunter as a contest some other time though.

Thoughts for the design
-If you make your picture right before or at the beginning of the duel, try to sell us on the tension or the anticipation of awesome about to happen.

-Action! Movement! Energy! Make it kinetic!

-The trick here is to use the picture to tell us the story of what just happened. Set up a triumphant or tragic scene. Or even an ambiguous one.

Extra info:
-In case it's not obvious, MAKE IT BADASS!
-It has to be a new drawing, created for this contest.
-No limit on submissions per participant (You are able to win more then one prize).

Third Place:
3 months of premium-Ship! :happybounce:
Second Place:
6 months of Premium-Ship! :hooray:
First Place:
ONE YEAR PREMIUM-SHIP on DeviantArt! :faint:
Winner will also have it's image visible on our home page for like... forever! (at least a year and probably longer)

DEADLINE: 30-11/2015 "day-month/year"
SUBMIT HERE: "badass-characters.deviantart.c…"

PS: You need to be a member of Badass-Characters to be able to submit! So don't forget to apply!
Need help about submitting? Send a note to Suuxe.

Need help about what you are allowed to make for the contest? Send a note to Andronicusvii.
The idea for this contest came from Andronicusvii who will also give out the prizes!
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Shemei777 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I submitted my join request 3rd time as previous ones was declined without explanations. I really want to know what is wrong with my gallery? As I have some work I would like to submit, as I think they are fitting to "badass theme".
Like these:

Also I have tons of works that I will finish and I was planning to add them to your gallery. 
I would like to know what is wrong, again, and I hope we will stay in touch.

Have a good day! ^^
Shemei777 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
So you say that you are not accepting "painting" style drawing like this, without defined lines: but drawing with linearts are good? (like this: or this
I need to say that I don't understand why, becuase in your requirements there is nothing about it or my glasses are too old and I don't see it ^^ It;s because you are not accepting 3D work? I don't understand, and I would be glad if you would tell me :)
Just to be sure, because I'm drawing in both styles, and sometimes it's hard to say if drawing is in one of another style, and I will have many drawing now and in future to add to your gallery if you will accept my join request of course.
RolandBoyce Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks much for excepting my submission! 
el-grimlock Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much for share my arts, best regards my friends!
K31TH-F Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015   General Artist
Thanks for the invite!
Mista-King-J Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015  New Deviant
Thank you for adding me! Look forward to all the art and submitting some badass submissions myself!
HarperII Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Ok, I've been trying to join the badass group for a while and can't seem to find the right rabbit hole to dive thru. Gimme some advice please. I believe that I have what it takes to play in this here field.
TALFIII Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey Badass!!!! You probably dont remember me but we conversed  a long time ago. But I drew a picture that I think would look really good in your work in progress folder. Please get back to me whenever you can
sinnelius Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015
Thank you for the suggestion!

If you ever need contributor or moderator, note me... Just let me know how to help and I'll try to be online regularly.

And leave a comment or two on my artwork too!
It's much appreciated. :D
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